Wccftech Deals – Monster Digital Super Speed Flash Drives: 2-Pack ($24.99)


Flash memory is getting rather cheap these days, with small (yet huge capacity) flash drives that offer enough capacity to run an OS off of, should you want to. And our twofer Monster flash drive deal means you can store just about anything you could ever want, having a personal, yet minuscule, archive.

Oh yeah, and these little guys have Micro USB so you can even transfer your precious hard fought files from your applicable Android device too. How awesome is that? And you know what? You get two of these quick little flash drives for $24.99.

Flash Drive

Massive storage space at a not so massive price, a twofer deal you don't want to miss on flash drives.

Who wouldn't want two mighty miniature flash drives that work with phones, tablets and computers? For $24.99, why not start a digital archive of all your memories? And we have multiple colors to choose from too.

  • Ultra-fast 80 MB/s data transfer speed
  • Plenty of storage: 64GB & 32GB drives
  • 32GB OTG drive allows you to plug in, transfer or stream content to & from your Android device
  • External drive for Android smartphones & tablets
  • Speedy transfers without cables, computers or Wi-Fi
  • Sleek, metal exteriors to protect against impact
  • Protective caps
  • Windows, Android & Mac compatibility
  • Advanced error correction for data security
  • Slim design
  • Streaming functionality (plug-in & stream videos directly from the stick)