Wccftech Deals – Minbox File Sharing & Unlimited Cloud Storage


File sharing. A complicated subject isn't it. Remember when you had to put those files on a floppy disk, CD, DVD or USB Drive and physically hand that to someone? That worked, but boy was it frustrating. What about sending things via email? Yeah, that 10-15MB limit imposed by most servers doesn't help much.

The cloud works, but sometimes it doesn't quite work as intended despite the best of intentions. Oh, and who has a SAN sitting ready to share, right? Then there's P2P, which is awesome, but what if you want another solution?


Enter Minibox, the cloud solution that's surprisingly quick and very secure.

This is a professional solution that lets you share an unlimited amount of stuff and store an unlimited amount of stuff in the cloud. It uses some very high AES encryption for the connection and at rest, so your data is always secure. That and you can actually track the files being shared and all the activity.

And we have two great plans on sale today. A one year subscription that's only $39, regular $180 and a two year subscription that's only $59, that's regularly $360. Unlimited super secure cloud storage is becoming very affordable today. Whose in?

  • Quickly upload & share files via web browser
  • Store unlimited files in their secure cloud servers
  • Upload & send videos and large graphics without sitting around watching a progression bar
  • Benefit from sharing without limits on file size, number of files, or type
  • Deliver files in a clean-cut, professional manner w/ branded email, folders & pages
  • Let clients & collaborators leave comments and annotations on your files
  • Track if someone has viewed or downloaded your files
  • Gather files & links into projects
  • Secure all your data w/ military-level encryption

Bonus Deal Time.


Looking for Cold Storage? The kind of storage that sits forever in case you need it later (legal documents etc)? Zoolz offers a lifetime subscription of their Cold Storage solution for a very low $39, which normally runs a prohibitive $1800! It's great for backing up, or those times when you need to keep legal or other documents forever, just in case.

  • Store 1 TB of data for life, w/ no additional costs
  • Quickly & easily select the files you want to store w/ Smart Selection
  • Retrieve stored files in approximately 3-5 hours
  • Enjoy great features: backup scheduling, bandwidth throttling, icon overlay, file retention & more
  • Preview thumbnails of images
  • Get reliability w/ data stored over multiple facilities & devices