Wccftech Deals – Lyrix Axis Levitating Wireless-Charging Speaker


The future of audio is upon us. Wouldn't that be delightful to have guests come over and see before them a spectacle of scientific wonder? A diminutive speaker system outputting some tremendous sound, floating in mid-air. They'll proclaim things like "What sorcery is this!" and likely want to burn it with fire, but

Floating Speaker

Wireless Charging? Floating Speaker? Welcome to the Future of Audio.

Sure, it's actually the result of magnetic repulsion and a careful balancing act, but floating things are still damn cool. $139.95 in our store gets you a floating and wirelessly recharging speaker. If you need to take it on the go to entertain away from the magical dock, then it's as simple as catching it in mid-air and taking it with!

Even better is the audio quality relative to its small size. Think that small means it can't output great sound? Think again. It's also able to stream music via any Bluetooth enabled device, for convenient wireless floating music fun.

What you get for $139.95:

  • Impressive, multiple LED color setting
  • Handy USB output for recharging your USB-compatible devices
  • The perfect gift for the person that seems to have everything
  • Convenient wireless charging
  • Powerful audio quality