Wccftech Deals – Getflix: Lifetime Subscription


Traveling abroad comes with some challenges. There's making sure you have your passport up to date, ensuring that a touring visa is precisely what you need, and of course the possible language barrier. And what about relaxing and streaming a movie in the evening time? Even though you have that lovely subscription, your IP address might be geo-locked. But that's one challenge that can be worked around, legally.

Getflix is a non-VPN smart DNS proxy streaming routing service that can unlock your ability to use the services that you've paid for. Why let it go to waste? Sure, traveling is about experience new things, but relaxing in the evening is also a part of the experience. Get a lifetime subscription for only $39.99, 88% savings.


Don't Let a Little Geo-Restriction Stand Between You & Your Favorite Show

So when you say you want to watch Netflix and chill, but you happen to be in Chile, and Netflix won't let you, then this might help quite a bit. And it's only $39.99 for a lifetime subscription.

What you get for a lifetime:

  • Access popular global streaming services from anywhere around the world
  • Enjoy a fast & reliable solution for watching TV, listening to online radio & more
  • Benefit from easy-to-use Smart DNS technology
  • Get a free, optional VPN account to encrypt all your traffic
  • Use w/ all of your favorite devices
  • Utilize the services without needing to install any software