Wccftech Deals – Doxie Go Wi-Fi Scanner


We're moving into an increasingly digital-only age as more and more companies implement paperless policies to save time and money. But what if you have piles of paper that never quite made it into the digital realm? And what if you want to do it while on the go or traveling for work?

If you're buried in paperwork and have a lot of paper documents that need to be converted into pixels, then a dedicated document scanner might just be what you're looking for. Even better is one that's fast, portable and with corresponding software that's incredibly smart. All for 23% off at $175.


Enter the Doxie Go Wi-Fi scanner, a portable scanning powerhouse.

If you happen to be behind on the transferrance of paper pulp products into binary, then this fast scanner from Doxie could help you along. It's portable (battery powered), Wi-Fi enabled, iOS compatible and can run through a legal sized document in about 8 seconds, doing 300 of those before you have to recharge the battery.

Take your scanning game to the next level with support for OSX, Windows and iOS. And we have this portable powerhouse on sale for $175, allowing those that require digitization to do so quickly and efficiently.


  • Scan 300 pages per charge w/ the rechargeable battery
  • Store up to 450 documents w/ no computer required (more w/ SD card)
  • Scan a variety of page sizes – from business card up to legal sizes
  • Speed through scanning tasks at 8 seconds per page
  • Utilize the auto adjust function for smart cropping, contrast boosting & more
  • Download the free app to organize, save & send scans to the cloud
  • Use anywhere; features built-in Wi-Fi
  • Access your scans w/ a compatible API