Wccftech Deals – Circuit Scribe Basic Kit


Tinkering and playing with electronics can be a tremendous amount of fun, though when it's our own stuff, and you take it apart and can't put it back together again, it can be a little disheartening. In our store we have a basic electronics kit that's just perfect for the tinkerer laying dormant in you.

Playing with things and being able to successfully create something, no matter how complex, can be immensely satisfying. For $49.99, 16% off of our regular price, you can have the Circuit Scribe, a way to play with conductive ink and tinker around, letting that inner electrical engineer come out and play.


Draw your own circuits with a conductive pen with the Circuit Scribe.

That $49.99 nets you a rather fun and interesting way to play with electricity. You can draw out your designs to almost physically see how circuits work. Sometimes that extra bit of tactile feedback can help in understanding what went wrong. Plus, who doesn't want a pen filled with silver?

  • Draw circuits using a pen filled w/ conductive silver ink
  • Tinker w/ your circuits using 6 modules: battery adapter, LED light, etc.
  • Easily interact w/ circuits thanks to modules’ simple & easy-to-use designs
  • Learn about basic electronics concepts: transistors, resistance, etc.
  • Easily trace circuit designs using the circuit stencil
  • Use the workbook’s lessons to expand your understanding of electronics