Wccftech Deals – Avantree Bluetooth Headphones for Joggers, $29.99

One of the absolutely most horrible things about running and wanting to listen to motivating music, is the fact that most headphones end up popping out so very easily. That and having a wire connected to a device, even if it's on your arm or someplace seemingly out of the way, can sometimes lead to catastrophic issues.

We've got some very nice Bluetooth headphones that should actually stay put when conducting even the most vigorous of activities. The Avantree Bluetooth headphones are made for exercising, and are 25% off at $29.99 right now in our store.

Avantree Jogger Deal


Never struggle with headphones while working out again.

The Avantree Bluetooth headphones built specifically for getting sweaty, letting you be free of wires while you move, which can sometimes end up in disaster. If like me, you've probably accidentally yanked out the cord, probably stretching the wire itself a little beyond its tolerances. Never fear, however, because Bluetooth is here!

These headphones are a nice and cool 25% off of the regular price, and seem to have a very nice sound that they output. There is also minimal wire noise when it inevitably brushes against clothing or anything else. The microphone that it has can also be used for other great purposes too.

  • Rock out w/ the stylish & lightweight behind-the-head design
  • Enjoy optimal flexibility w/ a one-size-fits-most configuration
  • Field phone calls quickly: device automatically pauses songs for incoming calls
  • Play, pause & select tracks
  • Wear at the pool or during workouts thanks to the waterproof qualities
  • Use while gaming or chatting via phone & over VoIP
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