Wccftech Hardware AMA – Your Opportunity To Ask Us Anything!


Hello Wccftechians! this is Khalid Moammer, senior hardware editor, and this is an AMA - Ask Me Anything -. The entire hardware team will be joining in on this, so technically it's an "Ask Us Anything". It will include myself, Hassan, Usman and Keith. In addition to the hardware team. WCCF's founder and CEO Abdullah Saad will be joining in to answer whatever questions you might have.

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Before we start I'd like to lay down a few guidelines to hopefully make this as pleasant of an experience to everyone involved.

- All questions are fair game. You can ask us about practically anything. What's Hassan's favorite color, what type of shoes does Saad like to wear, how many Metallica albums do I own, how many CPUs has Keith destroyed or what boyband is Usman the lead singer of. We'll also accept questions about hardware and the site in general as well I guess, if we have to... To sum it up, as long as it's a genuine question we'll attempt to answer it to the best of our abilities.

- If you'd like to direct your question to a specific person or persons, please make sure to include their name in your comment. It'll help us find your question and answer it in as short an amount of time as possible. You can address a question to as many of us as you like, just make sure to add the relevant names to the heading of your comment as such :

[ Khalid - Hassan - Usman - Keith - Saad ].
Copy the names that you'd like to adress the question to with the spelling provided above and write your question below.

Comment : _______________________
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- Please make sure to read the comments before submitting your question in case it has already been answered.

Let's get this started!