Wccftech Deals: Free TowerMadness for Android, Who Doesn’t Like Free?

Jeff Williams

Free is quite possibly the best price, especially if what you're getting for free is actually worth it. TowerMadness (for Android only), a rather energetic tower defense game by Limbic is now 100% off in our store.

Do it for the sheep.

What would you do if you, as a simple sheep herder had to protect your flock of woolly ruminant creatures safe from invading aliens that are hellbent on harvesting your beloved sheep for their own gain? They need you, dear friends, to save them from imminent doom. Can you save their woolly hides from the evil intergalactic farmers?

TowerMadness has a lot going for it, a 4.5 average score on Google play with 2,812 total reviewers. It's superbly distracting, but not in the way that some games just take up your time. TowerMadness is actually engaging, pulling you in and willing you to concentrate on saving those poor sheep.

You might be surprised just how fun this game is, especially because it seems like a benign tower defense game like all the others in the genre, but no, that's not the case here. TowerMadness actually is able to elevate above the crowded category. I've already lost many hours to TowerMadness, and I don't regret any of it.

This free offer of TowerMadness is only for the Android version and includes a plethora of reasons why you want it, aside from blowing up heinous alien wool seekers. If you so decide that you want to take a gander, you'll be able to play through more than 100 maps and use 60+ weapons. That and there are 17 unique aliens to defend from. And of course, the graphics are absolutely stunning for the genre.

You'll need a phone running Android 2.3 and up in order to play this game.

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