Waze Starts Listing Toll Prices in the US & Canada


Google Maps' less popular sibling Waze hasn't been in the spotlight a lot. Google Maps has received a slew of features in the past few weeks and this time, it's Waze's turn. The community-powered app will now show toll prices along your route. Users can now pick an optimal route which strikes a balance between distance and toll amount paid. According to a post on their forums:

What is the new Toll prices feature?
The new Toll Prices feature will incorporate tolled routes with their estimated costs into the app.

Where is this feature available?
The Toll prices feature is currently available in the United States (continental USA and Puerto Rico) and Canada to 20% of users and will be fully available to users in these areas by July 22, 2019.

Can the toll price for a specific route vary?
Yes, each toll company has its own way of setting prices. Waze supports prices on specific roads and road sections.

Waze and Google Maps already had the ability to tell you about roads that have a toll booth and how to avoid them. With the latest update, Waze will display toll prices before you start navigating, and lets you compare different routes with each other and pick the pathThe actual toll amount can vary depending on a lot of factors such as the time of the day, date, day of the week and type of vehicle.

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The feature is currently only available to about 20% of American and Canadian users and will be available to more users in these two countries by July 22. Waze says it's also started mapping and testing the feature in other regions. It'll be a lot more complicated (and trickier) to roll out the feature in some regions, especially ones where the community engagement is low. We should hear more about this later in the year.

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