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Watch_Dogs 2 Set in San Francisco, Due to Launch on November 15


Watch_Dogs 2 will certainly be one of the biggest games to be showcased at E3 2016. Ubisoft shared a teaser trailer just yesterday, with the promise of a full fledged world premiere coming on June 8th at 9AM PDT.

However, IGN just inadvertently leaked the settings and release date of Watch_Dogs 2 via one of the banners. While it is not yet official, it's as close as it possibly can be before Ubisoft confirms all of it. According to the banner, the game will launch on November 15 and will be set in San Francisco.

The setting had already been rumored earlier this year. There's also some evidence pointing out to a new main character in place of Aiden Pearce; one thing is for sure though, the game will be optimized for DirectX 12 as announced during GDC 2016, though we'll have to see if Ubisoft is still using the Disrupt engine from the first game.

Come back tomorrow to check the world premiere for Watch_Dogs 2.