Watch The Intel Arc Alchemist Gaming Discrete GPU & Graphics Lineup Launch Here


Intel is officially lifting the curtains off its first Arc Alchemist discrete gaming GPUs and graphics products today.

Intel's First Discrete Gaming GPU Lineup, The Arc Alchemist A-Series, Launches Today & Watch The Whole Unveil Live Here!

We are all excited about the fact that a third player is entering the discrete GPU segment. With the blue team's entrance, one can expect the GPU market to become even more competitive, offering more options to gamers, better performance, brand new features, and more.

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We are officially launching our Intel® Arc™ graphics family for laptops, completing the Intel platform. These are the first discrete GPUs from our graphics portfolio for laptops, with our desktop and workstation products coming later this year.

via Intel

Now, we are just a few moments away from Intel's official event where they will be disclosing the details and launching their first Arc Alchemist A-series GPUs and the respective products based on them. The company has posted several teasers on its Twitter feed that showcases what clearly looks like a laptop. Just to recap, Intel has announced its plan to launch Arc Alchemist GPUs for the notebook / laptop segment first in Q1 2022 followed by desktop variants in Q2 and workstation variants in the third quarter.

Intel's first Arc Alchemist GPUs will be based on the SOC2 die which is the smallest of the two and designed for entry-level and mainstream solutions. We can expect the chip to power various GPUs on a wide variety of laptop configurations ranging from Arc A350M and Arc A370M. For those who hunger for higher performance, they would have to wait a bit for the SOC1 die which is planned for launch slightly later but within the Q2 2022 time frame.

Intel would unveil several details for its first discrete gaming graphics lineup including product specs, designs, demos, performance, and prices. You can expect designs from HP, Dell, ACER, and Samsung amongst others during the event. For the full roundup of everything, we know so far, head over to this page.