Watch Dogs Xbox 360 Version Leaked on the Internet

If you have been carefully avoiding any sort of spoilers for Watch Dogs then you better disconnect your internet connection now and boycott any friend who owns a modified Xbox 360 console, the console may be outdated now but the leaks always come to this console first. You can be sure that spoilers and other surprises await you. While there are those of us who are still patiently waiting for reviews and the proper release of Watch Dogs, it appears that patience might not be a virtue after all. The game has been in the wild for sometime now for the PS4 / Xbox One in areas such as Brazil and Saudi Arabia, but now the game has even taken to the interwebs and is now on the Xbox 360 ready for pirates to download.

Watch Dogs Xbox 360 Version Leaked on the Internet. Be Wary of Spoilers.


The game is a whooping 16.2 GB which means it will be more or less the same size on the PS3. While we still don't have a definite size of the game on the next-gen consoles, rest assured that the download will indeed destroy a good portion of your monthly allowed data cap. With Watch Dogs Xbox 360 Version Leaked on the Internet, Owners of modified Xbox 360's are probably downloading the game right now and are anxiously rushing through the game so that they can go on GameFAQ's and other forums to start spreading fake or real versions of the endings just to antagonize people.

If you are curious about what the Xbox 360 version looks like, here is a guy who has started a walkthrough.

If you are one of those people who wants to enjoy the game, I suggest you avoid forums and don't talk to anyone who has a modified console, lest you wish to be spoiled. The game is easily available on most private and public pirate sites, including torrent sites as you can see in the image above. I for one am definitely going to take careful turns around my friends who own a modified console and make sure to avoid contact with them. What about you?

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