VRClubz, Oculus Strip Club Game, Lets You Perv Around the World


Drop everything - if you've been on the fence about Oculus Rift, here's a bit of news that's sure to help you make your mind up. The first VR blockbuster has been announced: VRClubz.

Nobody will admit to wanting it but no doubt it'll be the most used Oculus app available.

The decidedly adult game, being designed by VixenVR, will let you experience some of the most famous strip clubs in the world right from the comfort of your home. Naturally I can't name any possible contenders without getting some very dodgy ads on Facebook.

If nothing else, never before will so many people appreciate the fact that you don't need a controller for Oculus.

From the press release:

Experience the VR game we’ve all been dreaming for! Go to the hottest real and virtual Strip clubs anytime you want! VixenVR partnered with VRClubz to deliver the first ever Virtual Reality strip club IP partnering with some of the world’s most famous night clubs to create their virtual doppelgangers.

And don't worry, ladies. This one isn't just for the gents, as a quick search of their official website will attest. They're on the lookout for models, so if you fancy a bunch of early Oculus adopters examining you in 360 degrees, the day is finally here. And you'd thought Christmas had already gone.

For more information, check out the official obviously not safe for work website. There's also a trailer for your viewing pleasure - if by viewing pleasure you mean like a scene out of an old Duke Nukem game.