Video: iPhone 14 Pro Max Beats Pixel 7 Pro in New Battery Test By a Massive Lead

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iPhone 14 Pro and Google Pixel 7 Pro Battery Test

Apple is known for its hardware and software optimization which allows the iPhone to deliver enhanced battery life. However, it is always a point of the question if the iPhone stacks well against Android smartphones. With that said, a YouTuber has put Apple's latest iPhone 14 Pro Max against the Google Pixel 7 Pro in a battery life test. Scroll down to see how the best of Apple compares against Google's latest offering.

iPhone 14 Pro Max Beats Pixel 7 Pro By Quite a Margin With 21 Percent of Remaining Battery Life

When it comes to battery capacity, the iPhone might not excite you compared to Android handsets. For instance, the iPhone 14 Pro Max comes with a smaller 4,323 mAh battery compared to the Pixel 7 Pro's 5,000 mAh. Both smartphones feature a 6.7-inch display with comparable resolutions and refresh rates. On paper, the Pixel 7 Pro is a beefier handset that should offer enhanced battery life. However, it all comes down to optimizations and the chips powering these handsets.

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The iPhone 14 Pro Max and Pixel 7 Pro battery life test was conducted by the YouTube channel Phonebuff. The test includes 11 different stages and whichever phone lasts longer, wins. You can check out the video embedded below for more details.

As it can be seen, the iPhone 14 Pro Max wins the battery life test against the Google Pixel 7 Pro by quite a margin. The iPhone 14 Pro Max had 21 percent of battery life remaining when the Pixel 7 Pro gave in. According to the test, Phonebuff states that the 21 percent battery would translate to more than four hours of Instagram and 3 hours and 30 minutes of messaging. As for usage time, the iPhone 14 Pro Max was active for 11 hours and 44 minutes with 16 hours of standby battery which makes a total of 27 hours and 44 minutes. In contrast, the Pixel 7 Pro was active for 9 hours and 41 minutes and 16 hours of standby which brings the total time up to 25 hours and 41 minutes.

We can safely conclude that the iPhone's A16 Bionic chip and iOS 16.1 work effortlessly to deliver longer battery life in comparison to Pixel's Tensor G2 chip and Android 13.

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