The Best Video Games For Winter Vacation

Fahad Arif

Holidays are almost here and most of us like to spend some quality time with their family on the vacation, but before Christmas, when the weather is colorless and you find no way to escape your boredom, no need to worry because here are some virtual places with very best weather conditions. All you need is a controller and a comfortable couch to enjoy some bright, colorful places with blue water and skies, and sunny beaches. Here are some of the best video games for winter vacation.

Best Video Games For Winter Vacation – Virtual Weathers To Enjoy In Boring Winter Times

Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag

If you like to explore islands and track ancient treasures, and if you love watching Pirates Of The Caribbean, then Ubisoft’s latest effort in the Assassin’s Creed franchise is your game to play during this winter vacation. Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag is a game that could be equally enjoyed by a hardcore fan of the series as well as some one who is experiencing the series for the first time.

Central character of the tale is Edward Kenway, a young noble pirate and an adventurer who turns more principled as he journeys across the Caribbean exploring picturesque lush Islands and fighting ship-to-ship battles. The game is highly detailed, everything seems to be right on spot. From taking a walk in a city or going against waves in your sail, every activity in the game has a surprisingly pleasant effect. You can engage in battles with other pirate vessels, enjoy looting, go deep beneath water to explore wrecked ships, search for hidden treasures, upgrade your vessel, the Jackdaw, to make it even more stronger and much more. If you are getting tired sailing, you can land ashore and have a walk along with citizens.

Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag is available on all current and next-gen consoles and PC, the game is equally immersive on all platforms but PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions take the detailing and visuals to another level. Water, shadows, structures and characters are wonderfully detailed. Grab a copy of the game for your console this winter and begin your adventurous journey across the Caribbean.

Red Dead Redemption

Dump the cold weather and snow and try some dusty air with Rockstar’s ultimate sandbox adventure, Red Dead Redemption. The game won game of the year award in 2010 and is, of course, one of the best games of its type. The game is set in open world with miles of dusty land, pale plants and clean mountains. The devastating desert stretches around you while you ride on a horse to explore every town and village located in the west.

Red Dead Redemption takes you out in the old American west where you step into the cowboy boots of John Marston, a former outlaw who had been left for dead by his old gang. After learning his lesson well, John goes straight and turns into a family man, but his troubles find a way back to him. John’s family gets kidnapped by federal agents who force him to seek and eliminate the members of his former gang. This leaves John with no choice and he sets out to seek a dusty revenge. The game is very immersive, you can go through little towns and villages doing different stuff that keeps you busy. The whole wild west is gorgeously shaped. In-game environment is dynamic and immensely detailed. Story missions and the characters who you work with or for are full of life.

Red Dead Redemption is your complete ticket to west. The story, characters, environment and gunplay all add up to make this game very attractive. There are different modes in the game to enjoy and each one of them is worth trying. Buy this game if you want to play Gran Theft Auto in an old fashioned cowboy way.

Far Cry 3

Beautiful Islands, Guns, Animals, Cars, Temples, Madness, this game provides everything you need for a wild adventurous trip to an island that is crawling with wildlife and is full of pirates. Ubisoft’s Far Cry 3 is a harsh and equally delightful open world first person shooter. If you want a good tropical holiday, this game would suit you best.

Jason Brody’s vacation trip turns into a nightmare when after skydiving, he and his friends directly land at an unknown location on the island only to be made prisoners by a group of slave-trading modern day pirates. Taking control as Jason, you some how manage to escape the custody of pirates and get rescued by local villagers of the island. There your thirst to kill Vaas, a sadistic psychopath leader of the pirates, grows even more and locals help you with rescuing your friends from the custody of Vaas. The game is an epic experience with an exact blend of fear and enjoyment. Blue sky, white sand, lush forests, and ancient temples, everything is placed perfectly and every inch of the island is deeply detailed. There is a lot of stuff to do in the game such as, hunting different animals, climbing high mountains, hacking radio towers, attacking enemy outposts either with full head on or by going in with stealth and much more.

Far Cry 3 is your escape from winter to a sunny, bright and colorful tropical island. The visuals of the game on current-gen consoles and PC are highly impressive and appreciable. The game is a well-rounded package that comes with mass content. Developers at Ubisoft have created this game with total responsibility and utmost attention, putting it among the top open world first person shooter games.

This is our list of best video games for winter vacation. If you want us to add any game to the think, please leave us a comment below.

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