Verizon’s DROID X Goes Live


The well awaited DROID X goes live today at Verizon's website. We all have been waiting with our fingers crossed on when the DROID X would come, and look, time flies - here it is!. The price is at $199, after an instant rebate of $100 and free shipping!. Also dont forget to grab a $100 32GB microSD card while you are at it, since the mobile is totally amazing and you just can't live without much space. Also remember my fellow readers, DROID X has yet to be hacked so be careful if you really are attempting it, or consider a $200 brick, now isn't that an EXPENSIVE brick!.

For those thinking on if to buy it or not?. I would suggest waiting a week more since the reviews and user opinions will pop up soon, and will give u a bit of knowledge of how it is, and if you are spending the money on the right thing. So if you want to do 1 good and right investment - wait a week or so and read user opinions, especially carrier issues if some uncovers and is discussed. But lets not forget, that the DROID X is said to be better than the iPhone 4.

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