Verizon Launches New Unlimited Data Plan – Here Are the Details


Verizon has launched a brand new plan called 'Verizon Unlimited.' Here are the complete details and pricing.

Verizon Unlimited is for Data Hungry & Always on the Go Customers

Verizon's new Unlimited plan is ideal solution for those who require 'unlimited' of pretty much everything. For a price of $80, users get unlimited talk, text and 4G LTE data. But that's not all, you get 10GB of 4G LTE tethering data as well so you can rest assured that your tablet or notebook stays online as well.

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If you are opting for a single line, it will cost you $80. But if you are opting for four lines, then each line will set you back $45. This is great news for those whose entire family relies on Verizon for talk, texting and data needs.

The 10GB of tethering data will consistently fly at LTE speeds as long as you are within limits. As soon as the 10GB limit is up, you will be throttled back to 3G speeds. Not bad, considering you can still get some serious work done on a 3G network as well. But do not expect UHD streaming out of it. Interestingly, Verizon Unlimited does not cap your video quality to 480p like others. You can expect HD streaming as long as you are in a good coverage area.

For those who roam a lot can utilize TravelPass for an $10, granting you 500MB of data per day in Canada or Mexico. If you happen to go over that 500MB limit, then you will be throttled down to 2G speeds. But hey, at least it's something.

Verizon Unlimited is available to users right now and existing plans such as S, M, L, XL and XXL will continue to be available alongside it. But remember, it's best to analyze your needs properly before jumping onto any plan at all. 80$ is quite a bit of money to spend, especially when you come to realize that Verizon will charge you an access fee of $20 per smartphone, or $10 per tablet. This basically means that plans start at $!00, instead of $80.

You can find more details on Verizon Unlimited by heading over to this link.