Valve Launches the Source 2.0 Engine Hidden Inside DOTA 2’s Modding Workshop Tools

[Op-Ed] Something huge just happened. I was tipped of by my colleague Tyler Roemhildt that the Valve's Source 2 Engine has been spotted in the modding tools of DOTA 2. But thats not all, if this is Source 2 then Left for Dead 3, Portal 3 and Half Life 3 are finally within sight. It doesn't get bigger than this and though this hasn't been officially confirmed yet, this is as unofficially confirmed as they get.steam_logo_by_thegreatjug-d41y30s

Here is What the Source 2 Engine Files Inside DOTA 2 Mean

Now the entire thing was spotted by one user at Reddit and an enormous amount of proof is provided to authenticate the claims of a new source engine.  Over the past year there have been instances where we have caught glimpses of the elusive Source 2 in leaked tech demos and unintentional spillage. However, this appears to be a soft launch of sorts. Part of the proof as copy pasted from reddit is below:

"Everything in this package is a new game. It's all the Dota assets and code ported over to Source 2. That's why Hammer is different. That's why the console is different. Guys. Valve just soft launched the entire Source 2 engine. Everything that would share a name with Source is named '...2'. That's 'engine2.dll', 'vconsole2.exe', 'vphysics2.dll'. When you go to open a map in Hammer, it asks for .vmap files. One of the other options is '.vmf (Source 1.0)' files. " - RoyAwesome /r/DotA2

Custom Maps and Modes are basically what defines a true gaming community. I honestly cant count the number of hours I spent playing Vampirsim Beast, Afterlife, Wilderness Survival, Farm Keeper, Footmen (the list is endless, seriously) and tons of other maps whose names I now have forgotten in Warcraft 3. The custom maps in W3 defined the game for me and probably played a very big hand in its success and are in my opinion the greatest gaming platform ever created. DotA All Stars was itself a custom map of Warcraft 3 until valve took over and now that the standalone custom map is getting its own modding platform, well; (with an imaginary tear) the cycle of life begins again.

I feel like adding a .gif screaming ''custom maps are finally happening in DOTA 2'' but I have this feeling that it won't sit well with the higher ups. The interesting part is that Starcraft 2 had a very powerful editor too, but because its multi player was initially Payed Access Only and because its following is much smaller than DotA's, it didn't come close to recreating  W3's success. But Source 2.0 Custom Maps is an entirely different story. Since the consensus seems to be that these files are indeed the second source, we will soon be looking at custom maps designed in Source 2 by an ever growing community of gamers. Kind of like Microsoft's Project Spark but with a much wider audience and a highly focused scale.  So what does the files mean? I'll tell you what they mean: 1) the legendary 3 threes (which is totally a legit term I did not invent), namely portal 3, half life 3 and Left for dead 3. 2) The possible second coming of the greatest gaming platforms of all time.

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