Valve giving away Portal 2 OST and ringtones for free

Rizwan Anwer

Portal 2 has been a smashing success among the gaming community, this time being a bigger hit than it's predecessor Portal 2 has become a potential GOTY in the eyes of the gaming community. Valve has decided to give away the OST to the game for free which many other game companies don't do very frequently.

You can download the songs directly from here and you can choose from a variety of ringtones from here You can download the ringtones in .m4a (android compatible) and .m4r format (iPhone compatible) but with the help of a conversion software you can turn these to MP3 and set them as ringtones on your Symbian or other handheld device.

I have to say this is quite generous of Valve but I was sad to find that tehy didn't include the credits song "Want you gone" or the "Turret Opera" 🙁 I was looking forward to adding both songs to my phone.

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