With Valentine’s Day Approaching Facebook Advises Marketing Companies On How To Exploit The Feelings Of Recently Single People


Marketing is an art and Facebook is master of that art. Facebook is that website that has access to a lot of personal information. I kind of imagine it as a panel of people, sipping their tea and going through the profiles of millions of people and having a good laugh, judging the lives of people of all shapes and sizes. Facebook is now using the expertise it gains from access to this information by giving advice to other companies. Now you must be wondering what kind of advice this is?

Facebook, the king of marketing

Facebook is basically coaching companies on how to get messages to resonate among recently single people. In other words, helping brands take advantage of your broken heart via targeted marketing and campaigns. With Valentine’s Day so near, why would anybody want reminders that they are recently single, right? The recent entry in the Moments That Matter series on Facebook IQ page is about marketing tactics and techniques that can be used to attract audiences that are recently single and are pining for some lost love.

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The post was according to data obtained from all recently single people in Poland, France, the Netherlands, UAE and the UK. It was also in reference to surveys conducted across the five markets. It looks like Facebook has looked very deeply into the behavior patterns of people who broke up recently and how they tend to react or act post-breakup. According to the Facebook research team people don’t enter into ‘in a relationship’ or ‘single’ status the moment it happens.

The data revealed that a person who recently updated their status to ‘single’ also had a particular pattern of visits to Facebook and other profiles. Not accusing anyone but it seems that this is due to the intense stalking of an ex’s profile post-breakup. Research into behavior patterns on social media also revealed that people tend to cope with breakups by increased social interactions. According to 75% of the respondents, spending time with friends and family in this troubled time is more important than in moments of success or happiness. Not being judgmental but that’s kind of selfish.

To upload or not to upload, that is the question

Best tactic to marketers was the fact that people don’t want to buy new stuff, they wish to run away from it. Travel related purchases increased by approximately 25% post-breakup. It seems that people would do anything to move away from the love they lost. Well marketers can now use this bit of personal information to their advantage and send messages to devastated people. So if you recently broke up with someone, don’t be surprised if you are contacted by travel agencies.

The point here is that Facebook will be using our feelings and moments and together with marketers will be capitalizing every situation. If you have a void in your heart, the company intends to fill it with lots and lots of consumerism. So if you recently broke up or entered into a relationship, don’t upload details on Facebook if you don’t want everything cashed by these brands. Happy living!


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