Upgrade Your Laptop or Desktop RAM With Crucial Memory Kits, Now up to 28 Percent off for Black Friday 2021


The ongoing chip shortage is not just affecting GPUs, but manufacturers are also ordering slower RAM kits, which can affect gaming and other intensive CPU workloads. Thankfully, for Black Friday 2021, you can overcome these performance limitations with some RAM kit purchases from Crucial, which can be had at a 28 percent discount on Amazon and are available for both laptops and desktops.

If your current system only has one stick of RAM, you can purchase another stick to enter dual-channel mode and increase performance accordingly. However, you will have to bear in mind that current-generation Ryzen processors can deliver faster performance if they are paired with better memory modules that support frequencies of 3200MHz. These are slightly pricier than the 2666GHz or 2933MHz RAM kits, but trust us, these will give you the performance that you seek.

All Crucial kits are offered at up to 16GB of DDR4 RAM, which is plentiful for the majority of users, but if you are doing some content-creation workload or firing up programs that eat up a ton of RAM, then you will have to purchase 32GB, or in rare cases, 64GB of RAM, which will obviously be more expensive. For the majority of customers, the options provided in the link below will be more than enough, so check each RAM module or modules carefully and make your decision accordingly.

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