Here Are The Top iOS 9 Ready Apps You Should Try Right Now


iOS 9 was released with a blast yesterday, followed by some technical difficulties that resulted in software upgrade failure for many. However, the issue was resolved and the operation went successful. Apple's latest software upgrade brought some major changes in the UI as well as under the hood improvements. Apart from these upgrades and enhancements, Apple also updated many of its stock apps on iOS such as the Notes app. iOS 9 also brought new apps like the News app and the iCloud Drive app.

Alongside the release of iOS 9, third party apps have also been updated to take full advantage of the new operating system. The updated apps will have support for new features that iOS 9 offers, whether it is performance related or visual aspects of the operating system.

So let's get down to broach the apps that have been updated for Apple's heir to its operating system - iOS 09.

Updated Apps With iOS 9 Features

As the updates have begun to arrive, the updated apps will now take full advantage of the new and improved iOS 9. So let's get to it.


Pocket app lets users save article according to their preferences. The app has been updated with support for Spotlight search to search for articles. Videos on Pocket have support for Apple's Picture in Picture view. It is a great app that focuses on saving articles for a later read.


Flipboard is a news app that curates content according to your interest. Even though the app has widget support on Android, the Flipboard app is a great addition to the iOS platform. The app has been updated for iOS 9 that brings easy interactive controls and more. Praise be to iOS 9's Spotlight search for making it possible.

Microsoft Office

The updated Microsoft Office app brings more search control in iOS 9. This means that you can access files using your Spotlight search. Moreover, the app also takes advantage of iPad Air 2's Split Screen multitasking capabilities. Users can now open more than one app at the same time to enhance productivity.

Duet Game

Duet Game is a wonderful app for gamers that now lets them record their gameplay and share it with their friends. This is a must have feature for a lot of reasons. Either you have your own YouTube channel or you just like showing off, Duet Game does it right.

MBL At Bat

The update includes the introduction of PiP, that enables users to put live game streams in picture in picture mode. It also includes the addition of highlights in the same mode. However, it is only supported in iPad models. Furthermore, it has general improvements and more.


Dispatch is one of the Mail alternative apps on iOS that does a pretty good job with its simplistic approach. Now that the app has been updated, it features support for iOS 9's Spotlight search. The app also supports iPad Air 2's multitasking capabilities as well as Slide Over view for the remaining supported iPads.


Hulu is a wonderful media streaming app on iOS and it has been updated with one of the most important features in iOS, picture in picture view. The picture in picture view lets you shrink the video to various sizes and lets users continue working without stopping the media.

1Password 6

1Password is a password manager alternative for many third party apps. However, the updated aimed at Apple's recent iOS 9 focuses on accessing passwords without opening the app itself via Spotlight search. This is a great tool that lets users save a lot of time. It also has support for Split View and Slide Over on iPads.

BBC iPlayer

The BBC iPlayer is now supported with iOS 9 that now brings support for picture in picture mode for shows. Moreover, the app has been optimized to show the latest shows first according to user feedback.


Dropbox has received a subtle yet very useful update for iOS 9. The cloud storage app now integrates with iOS 9's Spotlight search and to find the files. This is really time saving and ultimately productive.

This is it for now, folks. These updated apps now have support for iOS 9's Spotlight search as well as Multitasking features and more. We will keep you guys updated for more apps as soon as we hear. As for now, share your thoughts on iOS 9's Sotlight and Multitasking capabilities. How will it stack up against its Android counterpart? Let us know in the comments.