How To Update Your Intel XOLO X900 To ICS 4.0


Get XOLO running Ice Cream Sandwich


As for those of you who don't know, Intel had launched an Intel Atom powered smartphone that ran Google's Android OS has finally got the much pending ICS update.

The update process seems to be fairly simple with the option of updating your XOLO X900's OS via USB through a PC or the much more trending OTA (Over-The-Air) method. In our guide, we demonstrate how the OTA method is demonstrated:

1. Click on Settings->About Phone->System Updates->Update From OTA.  Then touch Check for Updates.

2. The Phone checks for updates by displaying the Progress Screen

3. If software is available, the Phone displays the “New Software Available”. Select ‘Begin Downloading.’

4. The Software Download notification displays.  Touch OK to proceed to download.

5. The Notification screen is displayed. Indicating percentage of update.

6. Once update is downloaded, Touch Apply Update to proceed with FOTA. Or Remind Me Later option can be initiated.

7. Once the update is applied, the update sequence is initiated:   Power Off, Recovery, Flashing and Reboot

After the reboot, Click on Settings->About Phone->Software Version. You should now be seeing the Android Version being displayed as 4.0.4, which thus means you have successfully updated to ICS.

In case you would like to your phone via USB, refer to this link.