Upcoming God of War Mod to Introduce Playable Atreus


An upcoming God of War mod promises to spice up the experience considerably by making Atreus fully playable.

The mod, which is currently in the works by Speclizer, still has quite a few issues to iron out before it is ready for public release, but if this happens, we can expect this mod to become quite popular, as it would provide players with a new way to enjoy the excellent game developed by Sony Santa Monica.

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A mod that makes Kratos' son Atreus, playable! As you can see, it is clearly not a smooth experience and it still requires a lot more work before release.


God of War is now available on PC and PlayStation 4 worldwide. Learn more about the PC port by checking out Alessio's analysis.

Overall, even if the optimization work isn't quite perfect yet, God of War PC is now undoubtedly the best way to experience Sony Santa Monica's masterpiece. While it's not the best console to PC port I've ever seen, it features slightly better graphics than the original thanks to the higher settings available, not to mention the much higher frame rates and lower system latency, both of which elevate the incredible combat of God of War even further.

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