Unofficial PlayStation 4 Price Cut Announced Following Xbox One Price Drop In UK

Both latest consoles are selling higher than expectations, both the consoles have broken several previous sales records. However, PlayStation 4 is constantly ranking high on sales charts while Xbox One ranks second. One of the most appropriate reasons for Xbox One's low sales is its high price tag. Previously, an unofficial price drop was announced for Xbox One and now a similar PlayStation 4 price cut has been announced by GameStop.

Unofficial PlayStation 4 Price Cut Announced By An Online Retailer For UK Gamers

The next generation of consoles has just commenced with the arrival of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Both the consoles have only spent few months of their lives in the market so it certain that it would be long before the manufacturers of both the consoles announce price cuts for them. Until the prices of the consoles are officially reduced, gamers will have to content themselves  with what several online retailers are offering.

Sony's PlayStation 4 console retails £80 less than Microsoft's Xbox One, but now it looks like PlayStation 4 just got more cheaper and affordable in United Kingdom. A well-known online video game retailer GameStop has announced an unofficial PlayStation 4 price cut allowing people to save £20 on purchase of a brand new standard edition PlayStation 4 console. So Now those who were waiting for a price drop can avail the opportunity buy ordering a brand new PlayStation 4 console here.

The unofficial price drops have now become something of a trend. Online retailers cut the prices of gaming consoles to attract the attention of gamers and boost their sales. Zavvi, one of the UK-based online retailers, previously announced a price drop for Xbox One reducing the console's price by £20, the retailer is still selling the Xbox One at reduced price but PlayStation 4 is being sold at its original price by the retailer. Now to match Zavvi's attractive price drop, GameStop has announced PlayStation 4 price cut bringing down the console's price from £350 to £330.

Officially, Xbox One costs £80 more than PlayStation 4, the only reason for the high cost of Xbox One is the Kinect sensor that ships bundled with the console. Gamers and analysts have pointed this out as one of the reasons for console's low sales and demanded a cheaper version of Xbox One that comes without Kinect sensor but Microsoft has refused to fulfill any such demand. On the other hand, PlayStation Camera (which is a counterpart to Kinect) is sold separately and does not come packed with PlayStation 4 console.

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