Unlock your iPod Touch / iPhone 4 with multitouch gestures using StyleUnlock


Tired of the typical "Slide to unlock" swipe on your iPod Touch / iPhone 4 and want a better way to show off your jailbroken device to your friends? With this handy jailbreak tweak you can unlock your iDevice in a variety of ways such as swiping your finger(s) upwards / downwards / left / right / double tap and many other ways with even the use of 2 fingers! and you can even remove the Slide to Unlock bar completely leaving any stranger using your iDevice clueless on how to unlock it, this WON'T interfere with your calls or your pass code entry.

StyleUnlock is a very useful jailbreak tweak and being so its only available to those of you who are running an untethered  / tethered iOS Jailbreak on your iDevice, Simply follow the steps below to download this handy tweak today!

  1. Open your Cydia on your homescreen
  2. Navigate to Search on the bottom bar of Cydia
  3. type the following; org.thebigboss.styleunlock
  4. if done right you should only get one result with either a grey question mark as the icon or a drill.
  5. tap on it and choose "Install" from the top right as shown in the image at the start.
  6. Press "Confirm" again at the top right of the screen
  7. Your screen will go black and you will see a bunch of text speeding to the bottom of your screen, once all is done you should see the following
  8. Continue on and choose the big button at the bottom, now your iDevice will go black for a moment and will return to the lockscreen, by default it should be set to single finger swipe upwards so swipe upwards on the lock screen and see if it worked.
  9. If you want to change the gesture unlock simply navigate to settings as you can see below and change the option

  10. You can also disable "Slide to unlock" by turning "hide slider" on from the main menu of Style Unlock menu

I hope you found this guide to be helpful and if you need any help I will help you as best I can and I will definitely work on guides in the future.