Apple Buys FoundationDB, A Rock-Solid Database Company To Enhance Cloud Services

Ali Salman

Apple has a vision to think out of the box and whenever it sees opportunities that can be captured, acquisition seems to be the way. Recently a report was published which highlighted an acquisition concerning the cloud services. Apple bought FoundationDB which basically develops databases that are resistant to faults and errors and support multiple structures for data handling.

FoundationDB has stopped all downloads relating to its main database at the moment, since its deal with Apple. FoundationDB also placed the following notice on its website regarding the matter:

“Thank you for your support of FoundationDB over the last five years. We’re grateful to have shared our vision of building the best database software and we strongly value your participation in this community. We have made the decision to evolve our company mission and, as of today, we will no longer offer downloads.“

Solid Performance With Cost Efficiency - FoundationDB

The report emphasized on the utility that Apple could gain on numerous fields of work like server biased cloud storage, App Store, iTunes Connect and many more. Even though there have been no such announcements regarding the acquisition of FoundationDB but the company sure has posted unavailable downloads for its customers.

FoundationDB has great importance to Apple since it can operate ACID compliant transactions in a jiffy that also offers strong scalability. Another source suggested the speed and cost efficiency of FoundationDB comprising of 54 billion writes in an hour and the piece rate cost of one write is 3 nano dollars. The report emphasized the utility and acquisition of the FoundationDB in the following words:

“So. A fast, affordable and durable database company, acquired by Apple. It seems likely that this was an acquisition designed to bolster Apple’s server-side technologies for the App Store, iTunes Connect or iTunes in the Cloud. With millions of apps now in the store and billions being served to users, there is undoubtedly room for improvement in those systems.“

We never took it buy surprise when both of these companies denied the notion for acquisition. However, Apple is no stranger to acquiring small tech companies which it can mold for its own purpose. Apple coined the acquisition terminology in the following words, “Apple buys smaller technology companies from time to time, and we generally do not discuss our purpose or plans.“ This is all for now guys. Make sure you share your thoughts in the comments below.

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