How to Unlock Apple Watch Using Your iPhone

unlock Apple Watch

Here's how you can unlock Apple Watch every single time you unlock your connected iPhone using either Touch ID or a passcode.

Set Your Apple Watch to Unlock itself Whenever You Unlock Your iPhone

The Apple Watch has certain security measures in place to keep your wearable safe whenever you decide to take it off. For instance, with Wrist Detection enabled, your Apple Watch will go into complete lockdown with a passcode, keeping your data secure. So, if you want to jump back into action, you have to wear your device around your wrist and enter your passcode every single time. Not convenient if you're asking me, given how small the display is on the Apple Watch. But thankfully, there's a second way to unlock your Apple Watch, and it's as simple as unlocking your iPhone itself. Follow the steps below to enable the feature.

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Assuming your Apple Watch has a passcode in place along with your iPhone set to use Touch ID and passcode as well, follow the steps as they are.

1. On your iPhone, launch the Watch app.

2. Now tap on Passcode.

3. See that Unlock with iPhone toggle switch? Tap to turn it on.

4. Enter your Apple Watch passcode on the wearable when prompted for it.

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That's it, you're set now. Whenever you unlock iPhone using Touch ID or a passcode, your Apple Watch will be unlocked as well. This is extremely handy in situations whenever you take your Apple Watch off for a short while.

Though you can completely bypass the unlock bit by removing the passcode, but I will not recommend it one bit. Like your iPhone, the Apple Watch holds your key information, such as call records, contacts, messages, Apple Pay and whatnot. It's best to keep your Apple Watch under complete lockdown from prying eyes at all times. So, a simple passcode and Wrist Detection enabled in Settings will go a long way in protecting your data, and of course, your Apple Watch.

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