Unity Engine is Finally Getting 3DS Support


The folks behind the newly updated Unity engine are excited to announce that they will finally be bringing support to the Nintendo 3DS line of handheld consoles. This great news was announced during Unity's Unite 2015 event in Tokyo.

Unity Engine finally brings support for their groundbreaking engine over to the Nintendo 3DS.

This is absolutely wonderful news not just because developers now having access to a very flexible game engine, but also because of the possibilities of cross-console publishing that have now opened up. Despite the obvious game size and processing power limitations, we can now more easily expect games that run on Unity to at least be able to appear on the 3DS as well.

Does the support for Unity also mean that Nintendo is going to be opening its doors to more independent developers as well? An accessible work-flow like this doesn't necessarily mean that now it's an open developer platform, but it at least opens up a lot of great doors for the future.

Unity has just been updated to 5.0 with numerous new and powerful features added to it. They've updated almost all the API's that are included with it, improving things like AI collision detection, animation fluidity and overall audio quality. They've also added a great real-time global illumination tool set, skybox shaders as well as integration with SpeedTree and PhysX.

Overall it's a vastly superior and much more approachable engine than it has been in the past. That fact alone should allow for a better minimum standard of excellence that we can expect, though that's not necessarily wanting on the 3DS by any means.