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Intro to Unity 3D Game Development Bundle

If you've ever wanted to design mobile games, this is the place to start. Building individual games is one thing, but scaling to incorporate a multiplayer universe like in Minecraft or Clash of Clans sounds pretty brutal, right? Well, it won't be after this bundle. The tools and skills you'll learn here will allow you to easily build, program, publish and turn any Unity games into online multiplayer platforms. Your game design abilities are about to get a ton more interesting. From building an email list to a reward system, you will get to learn every aspect of game development with "Intro to Unity 3D Game Development Bundle."

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Intro to Unity 3D Game Development Bundle - what it offers?

1- Build, Program and Publish a 3D Shooter Game

Learn to Build Mobile Games in Unity 3D Without Coding

  • Use free tools to build an amazing 3D shooter game from scratch
  • Understand 3D Pixel Art & utilize it in your game
  • Learn how to publish apps & games to the App Store or Google Play

2- Unity Multiplayer 2016: Build Online Shooter

Use Unity Multiplayer to Create Real-Time, Networked Mobile Games

  • Create real-time, networked games in Unity Multiplayer
  • Use low-level APIs to optimize your game for a networked environment
  • Connect your players easily w/ Unity Matchmaker Servers
  • Turn a 3D shooter game into a multiplayer game hosting 2 to 16 players
  • Receive all project files, source codes, graphic files, animations & models

3- Unity Game Boost: Coin Management System

Design & Program a Virtual Economy in Your Mobile Game Using Unity 5

  • Design a game user interface to display coin amounts
  • Create an in-game store for your users to shop
  • Connect a coin management system to Google Play or iTunes Connect
  • Learn how to bundle & package store code to be reused in any game

4- Unity 2016: Email List Building

Build an Email List Using Unity 3D to Stay in Touch With Your Users

  • Access 12 lectures & .5 hours of content 24/7
  • Learn methods of capturing users' email addresses
  • Understand how to re-engage users through email
  • Boost downloads & new users by advertising new features via email
  • Gain users for new games & apps easily

5- Unity Game Boost: Build a Video Reward System

Boost Your Revenue From Unity Games By Building & Reusing a Video Reward Plug-In

  • Access 16 lectures & 1 hour of content 24/7
  • Create a video reward system using Unity 3D
  • Package your video reward system so you can reuse it easily in any Unity project
  • Receive all the files of the finished reward package, ready to use in your games

6- Unity 2016: Character Gear and Weapon Use

Infuse Your Games with Exciting Characters, Weapons, Items & More!

  • Access 39 lectures & 4 hours of content 24/7
  • Build a mobile game from scratch
  • Add levels, characters & animations to bring your game to life
  • Create items such as swords, shields & helmets & learn how to make characters pick them up & equip them
  • Receive 50 life-like animations & code for 2 characters

7- Fundamentals of Programming

Jump Into Coding with Fundamental Principles

  • Access 43 lectures & 2.5 hours of content 24/7
  • Gain a foundation in Swift & C#
  • Learn fundamentals of programming that can be applied to learning any language
  • Understand the debugging process
  • Discover coding with hands-on, real-life examples

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