Uncharted The Lost Legacy May Be “Over Ten Hours Long”; “We Couldn’t Keep It Short” Says Naughty Dog

uncharted the lost legacy

Naughty Dog’s upcoming standalone Uncharted expansion, Uncharted The Lost Legacy, might well be longer than 10 hours according to the developer.

Naughty Dog’s director of communications, Arne Meyer, said as much during a recent interview with IBTimes UK following Uncharted 4’s Bafta win this weekend. Initially intended as DLC for Naughty Dog’s latest Uncharted installment, Meyer said that the team simply couldn’t keep the expansion short while doing story pitches.

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"Years ago, when we were asked if we were ever doing a single player expansion for Uncharted we always said, 'Well, we don't have the self-discipline to do that'. If we tried to do that we'd create a full game," Meyer told IBTimes UK.

Uncharted's Chloe will play the main role in The Lost Legacy next to Nadine Ross

"There's no way we could, sort of, constrict and restrain ourselves, and that's exactly what was happening here”, he continued. “When we were doing story pitches, we were coming up with a game that would be over ten hours long and so we suddenly realized everything we said was true and we couldn't keep it short."

The Lost Legacy doesn’t feature Uncharted’s main protagonist, Nathan Drake, but focuses on the game’s co-stars Chloe Frazer and Nadine Ross instead. When asked about creating a game that doesn’t include feature a series’ lead character, Naughty Dog’s director of communications stated that it doesn’t feel like that players will be missing Drake in the expansion.

"I think the way we've crafted The Lost Legacy doesn't feel like we're missing Nathan Drake. We were very careful to craft the end of Uncharted [4] knowing he'd have his family life”, Meyer stated.

"So when we were trying to revisit how we could create something in that world we found a pair of characters that fit really well and have that same kind of motivation and resilience. So it has all the same hallmarks, the same feeling that you would have in Uncharted just with different protagonists, and we're really excited to have two incredible, dynamic female protagonists."

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy is slated for a release on PlayStation 4 later this year.

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