Uncharted HD Collection Might be Coming to PS4, Reliable Source Says

A very reliable individual within the industry has just let the cat out of the bag about the possibility of an Uncharted HD remaster collection that could very well be heading to the PS4 sometime in the future. We may just be re-playing the adventures of Drake after all.

An Uncharted HD Remaster might be coming to the PS4 afterall. Maybe.

Granted, this is complete conjecture, however the source, Tamaki, is indeed usually correct in his statements and we have no reason to believe that what he says is inherently false. But it does make sense to capitalize on the success of the previous Uncharted titles while inducing a bit of friendly hype before the launch of Uncharted 4.

Presumably Naughty Dog is going to be announcing the new bundle at E3 this year, though no plans have officially been announced, and no teasers have made their way out either.

Naughty Dog previously denied any rumors that the Uncharted series was going to be reintroduced on the PS4. In December of 2014 they outright said that they have no plans for a remaster at all. But with the long, and unexpected, delays of Uncharted 4, it might be a strategy to help keep the fire burning brightly enough around the franchise so that it's still forefront in people's minds.

Quite honestly, it would be fantastic to be able to play them again on modern consoles. I feel that the Uncharted series still offers enough replay value to be an actual viable remaster option. Bringing back classics we enjoy with all the DLC isn't just a money grab, so long as significant differences are made to warrant the price. Given that development is purely on the updated graphics, price should theoretically be a bit lower than the usual new game. Theoretically, of course.

These rumors will hopefully be substantiated at this years E3 happening next month. I'll be there covering this reveal if it happens.


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