Uncharted 4 Goes Gold


Naughty Dog have announced that their next action adventure title Uncharted 4 has gone gold.

Uncharted 4

Any work from this point on will go into the inevitable day one patch, rather than onto the disk.

And although that means the game is now officially finished for all intents and purposes, it absolutely doesn't mean Naughty Dog's work is done. They'll be polishing, fixing bugs and, dare we say it, perhaps even starting to plan DLC. Yeah, probably not.

Of course, this is the kind of news that gets decent reaction, not just from fans of the franchise but from other developers too. It's hard to beat the offering from the official PlayStation account, which mimics how many of us probably feel.

And you know it's an important game when even a rival spokesperson pops up to offer his congratulations to the development team.

It was also a chance for people working on the game to offer their final thought before moving onto the next stage of the project.

We're fairly certain that won't be the final box art.