Uncharted 3 gameplay videos shown!!!

Uncharted 3 is among one of THE MOST WANTED games on any PS3 owners radar right after Killzone 3, Resistance 3 and even Infamous 2, Uncharted series has always been very impressive when it comes to adventure and keeping you on the edge of the seat. The game plays out more like a movie with amazing graphics, well voiced over dialogues, great plots and even a great cast of characters to keep you entertained.

Uncharted 3 looks STELLAR although I hope Naughty Dog adds 1080p support to this game, the game would look STUNNING

if these 2 videos show the game opening scene then the game will DEFINITELY be as amazing as Uncharted 2 where Drake is trying his hardest to get off a train hanging off a mountain. I just hope we get to hear more about the plot of the game I really wanna know what Sony's Indiana Jones is upto now and whether we will see the return of Elaine.

Source: 1UP

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