UMi iRon Pro Goes The iPhone Way With A Rose Gold Model In The Works


The last time we reported something about UMi iRon Pro, we stated that the device was going to be the first one to sport three security features. However, in addition to being incorporated with ‘top of the line’ security features, the company has decided to provide consumers with their fair share of aesthetically appealing handsets.

UMi iRon Pro To Come In The Rose Gold Edition – Company Starts To Follow In The Footsteps Of Apple

Yes you heard it correctly; Apple’s iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus are not the only devices that are going to be released in the Rose Gold edition because UMi iRon Pro is an upcoming device that will also be available to purchase in the same color (image given below). The smartphone will obviously be targeted to those who covet Android operating systems, and those who want peace of mind regarding security and thirdly, want their handset to most likely be the subject of envy when people take a first glance at it.

Apart from its impressive hardware, UMi iRon Pro caters to users who have been a victim of Android’s poor security, or those who have started to show a great deal of concern because of this issue. The smartphone features a fingerprint scanner, which has become quite a common addition to smartphones but apart from that, the handset is also incorporated with an iris scanner and a voice recognition software that unlocks the user’s phone. With this much level of security, you can rest assure that even sophisticated hackers going to have a very tough time getting past this.

When the hardware specs are concerned, UMi iRon Pro does not disappoint because it features MediaTek’s MT6753 SoC that will most likely be running an octa-core Cortex-A53 CPU, seeing as how its predecessor was also running the same configuration. Additionally, we can also expect 3GB of RAM, which is quite impressive, along with a Type-C USB port. This particular port can deliver up to 10Gbps of speed.

However, due to interface limitations, you will definitely not be able to witness those speeds, but it is guaranteed that you will experience speeds that are much higher compared to USB or microUSB 3.0. Coming to the price, it is expected that UMi iRon Pro will retail for $199.99 and will be available worldwide through various channels, including online retailers.

Would you end up purchasing the world’s first smartphone that offers three security features? Let us know your thoughts.