Ubisoft Changes uPlay Rewards Program into Ubisoft Club


Ubisoft is making a change in the branding for their uPlay rewards program. Now they've morphed it into what they're calling the Ubisoft Club, a way to earn points and XP that can be redeemed for content.

Ubisoft Club is their way of collecting rewards for playing games.

The Ubisoft Club allows you to earn units by playing Ubisoft games that can be used to redeem exclusive in-game content. You also earn XP that can increase your Ubisoft Club level. Also, they have their own badge system now so you can earn Ubisoft specific achievements by being part of this program.

You can watch their trailer for the new system that explains the whole thing, or head on over to the website to sign-up and join the Ubisoft Club. The reception on the trailer has been mostly negative, filled with comments that berate the idea. Perhaps this is one way that can help to increase gamer confidence in their products, despite being an obvious method of getting people to use their platform. The club itself is free, and if you already plan on playing some of their games (The Crew and Assassin's Creed Syndicate come to mind as good examples), then why not take advantage of free rewards for doing something you're already going to do.

It certainly doesn't make up for any previous infractions, but it might, and could, be seen as a way to reach out to gamers to attempt to turn over a new leaf. it's also timed to coincide with the Assassin's Creed Syndicate release, of which the iconic franchises hooded hero of yore is used in their video. So perhaps they're hoping to increase participation with Assassin's Creed Syndicate.