Ubisoft Unveil Anno 1800 – Take Part in the New World

Chris Wray

Ubisoft have revealed at Gamescom that Blue Byte, a developer under the Ubisoft banner, are now developing Anno 1800. It's little surprise that Blue Byte are taking the helm of a new anno release, considering the success of Anno 2205, which I reviewed nearly two years ago.

While little has actually been revealed about the title so far, we can surmise that it will follow the city-building and trade roots of the series. In addition, the series has always featured the games setting in the name, so we can expect a return to the past. More will be revealed about the title in the near future.

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In addition to revealing the game, Anno Union has been revealed. Union is effectively a community project that allows you to have a small part in the development of Anno 1800. The first community vote is which particularly NPC should be featured in the game. Out of the list, I've voted for the gambler.

Ubisoft allowed MVC to break the news with an exclusive tweet and you can check out the announcement trailer below:

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