Far Cry Primal is the Game That Ubisoft is Teasing, Mysterious Cave Painting Appears on YouTube Live Channel


Far Cry Primal is the name of the new game from Ubisoft, more details to come!

Survival is timeless, Ubisoft says. Right now their YouTube Live channel has a rolling video showing a few prehistoric cave paintings with ominous music and fire crackling nearby. A new game announcement is approaching, but what could it possibly be?


Survival is Timeless, Mystery is Tangible

The reveal that Ubisoft is crafting could hopefully be today at some point. The background noise and music with the sometime growling wild animals is certainly pointing towards some kind of new action gamer perhaps. We'll have all the details as they come! We're as excited as anyone to see what's next.

At the moment the video is slowly zooming out, revealing more and more of the cave painting. Warriors with bows and one with what appears to be a naginata spear with smoke coming from it, are currently on the wall.

[3:18PM EST] Still zooming out, now we have more spear wielding warriors on the right side and multiple trees with what appears to be a quarter moon down below. Zooming is speeding up as well!

[3:55PM EST]  The entire scene is looking decidedly prehistoric in origin, with depictions of hunting, makeshift huts and of course a singular person in the center, perhaps the leader of the camp, or rag-tag band of individuals. If this is indeed a survival game, perhaps Ubisoft has taken on a more realistic historical theme to use?

[4:30PM EST] And on the right side we see what could very well be a wooly mammoth, further reinforcing our analysis that this could be a prehistoric, historically accurate survival game.

Survival is timeless? Maybe this refers to the struggles between the different evolutions of the different human like species of the day?

It's been revealed that the new game from Ubisoft is in fact Far Cry Primal, a new survival game along the same vein of Far Cry 4. We'll bring more details as they come.

As a side note, cave paintings from the era likely being portrayed were never artistically drawn with such detail. The musculature and shadows are too defined to actually be representative of the cultures that did paint in such a manner. The amount of art is also a bit dense considering the artistic talents and techniques of the day, not to mention the amount of detail and specific drawings not being common.