UBISOFT: Only We “Can Regularly Deliver Open Worlds”


Ubisoft has just published their fiscal year earnings for year 2016, and in the presentation the publisher claims that only they deliver open world titles on a regular basis.

In the published presentation, Ubisoft has listed the open-world titles that they have published since their fiscal year 2014. Also included in the slide are the published open world games from EA, Activision, Take Two, Konami, CD Project Red, and Warner Bros.

Since their fiscal year 2014, Ubisoft has managed to publish 8 open-world titles, while Ubisoft’s main competitors have only managed to publish 1, with the exception of Warner, open world game since fiscal year 2014.

Truth be told, publishing 8 open world titles within 3 years is quite impressive.

Ubisoft had a very successful fiscal year with stronger than expected performances from Far Cry Primal, and The Division. Additionally, player engagement levels significantly increased, boosting the digital segment sales.

"We ended fiscal 2015-16 on a very positive note, having effectively executed our plan: the performances delivered by The Division and Far Cry Primal exceeded our expectations, we continued our major come-back in the multiplayer segment and we saw a significant increase in player engagement levels for our games. The Division currently has 9.5 million registered users, and active players are playing the game an average of three hours1 per day. These successes resulted in our digital segment outperforming our targets for the fiscal year and positively impacted our profitability”, Ubisoft’s Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Yves Guillemot, stated in Ubisoft’s press release.

“Over the past few years, we have considerably strengthened our portfolio of owned brands. For example, we have tripled the audience for Far Cry, doubled it for Rainbow Six, and launched The Division and Watch Dogs which were the first and third-largest releases ever for a new video game brand. In parallel, we have increased the sales weighting of our digital segment to 32%, primarily through organic growth”, Guillemot added.

Do you agree that only Ubisoft can deliver open world titles on a regular basis, or do you believe that the other publishers are just taking a different road?