Ubisoft opts for internet verification to fight piracy

Abdullah Saad

Ubisoft has decided to move to internet authentication to play, as opposed to disc-based systems such as SecuRom or StarForce. These old systems were already marred with various complaints from the PC user community.

Ubisoft has, as of yet, not announced as to which method will they be implementing but it will for certain require an internet connection with the user - which would ultimately mean that anyone without one will be dropped (unless pirates find a way around that, as well).

Ubisoft also said that it was difficult for them to move away from offline authentication methods, but that it was necessary given the revenue loss the company has to suffer given rampant software piracy.

They will be in this instance, hoping to garner similar success as that of Valve, which has been pretty successful in getting users hooked on its online game distribution and authentication system; Steam.

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