Uber’s Family Profile Will Let You Pay For Rides of up to 10 Friends or Family Members

Uber the popular multinational transport network sees itself as a very customer friendly company. So just like mobile carriers or streaming services have family plans where one person can get discounts or buy stuff for the other, Uber is launching a family service of its own. The service will be called Uber Family Profiles and it will let you add up to 10 family or friends to this profile. After adding them on here you will be able to pay for their trips in case they need it and will also know their status.


With ‘Uber Family Profiles’ you can pay for rides of up to 10 family members, coworkers or friends

Uber announced on Wednesday that they will be testing their new service in the cities of Dallas, Atlanta and Phoenix. This is a great idea from Uber and came as a result of customer feedback from customers who wanted to have a combined account for their trip payments.

The person who wants to be the payer of all those rides will send an invite through the Uber app to all those family members, friends or anyone for that matter that they want to add to their plan. After the invitation is accepted from the other person the willing payer will be able to pay for the person and will get a receipt for each ride along with other details of the trip. This will be great for parents who want to keep a check on their children as they will be able to pay for rides through the comfort of their homes and also get to know the whereabouts of their children.

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But this program is not by any means limited to just family, workers can also get their managers to pay for their rides when on duty and this builds on the ‘Uber For Business’ Plan of the company. This is one of the most significant changes to Uber’s payment methods since the year 2013 when they announced that they would allow riders to split car fares with friends. This is a good step forward by the company and shows that they value feedback by customers.



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