Uber Set To Make Its Debut On The Stock Market Next Month

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Finance and technology enthusiasts will finally get to witness one of Silicon Valley's most highly anticipated initial public offerings as early as next month when ride-hailing platform Uber finally goes public.

We've reported that Uber could be valued as high as $120 billion based on the investments its received thus far. Japan's SoftBank is currently their largest investor.

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Uber S-1 coming in April

The actual piece of news today comes courtesy of Reuters, who broke the story that the world's most popular mobile ride-hailing app will be making public the S-1 filing, which is the document that outlines Uber's financials ahead of its public offering.

Generally speaking, the S-1 should provide investors with all the requisite information they need to decide on whether or not to invest in Uber via purchasing the soon-to-be-issued common stock shares. We can expect to learn things like Uber's full 2018 financial performance and just how much money the company has been losing.

Uber will actually get beaten to an IPO by its smaller rival, Lyft, which is expected to complete its IPO in the coming weeks. In this case, it might actually help them to gauge the market by watching how investors reacts to Lyft. While the businesses are quite a bit different both in terms of scale and complexity, Lyft is easily the closest competitor and market equivalent to Uber.

Both companies have been steadily increasing revenue, however, both companies are also losing billions of dollars per year as they attempt to reign in costs and make other tweaks in their quest to achieve profitability. Investors will need to feel confident that either company can turn things around and start to realize profits on the bottom line.

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Uber reported that it lost $865 million dollars in the final quarter of 2018 on the back of $3 billion in revenue.

The two companies have also announced that both of their respective IPOs will include some form of monetary bonus to the most senior and experienced drivers. Its obvious the companies want to foster as much goodwill, both internally and externally as possible ahead of the debuts.