Twitter Will Let You Create Your Own Polls And Cast Anonymous Votes


Twitter has rolled out a new feature that enables users to vote and create polls about anything. The support for polls on Twitter allows, users to ask for anonymous confirmation or rejection of a specific topic like whether cats are better than dogs. Custom polls can be created from a new option that will soon be part of the tweet composing interface.

This new feature might have immense importance for users due to several aspects which we will tell you later on. The polls made would remain active for 24 hours and then after this specified time period, users would be restricted to voting further. Users who have voted on the poll would receive a push notification, citing about the final result.

Let's dive in to see some more details on Twitter's new Polling feature. Will it be an important factor in productivity? Let's find out.

Twitter Rolls Out Polls For Anonymous Voting

Votes cast at Twitter's Polls are entirely anonymous, stating anyone can vote on any given poll. This ease of access to a wide range of users will prove out to be an important aspect in short term decision making. However, an important factor to consider in this regard is the limitation on interaction. The rest is pretty handy and users would definitely give it a go.

The voter is completely kept anonymous, stating that no data is shared with businesses for marketing needs. Even though the data might not be sold to them, it does not mean that they will restrain themselves from taking advantage. Nonetheless, Twitter Polls can be used by news outlets to know more about people's opinion.

Since Twitter is keen to move forward into users' preferences, it is likely that the push notifications will end up in bad terms. This is because users would be taking more than one Poll and receiving push notifications after 24 hours would leave them with nothing but resentment. However, it could not be the end of it. Maybe Twitter batches them in the near future. Nonetheless, we are glad that Twitter is advancing forward rapidly, providing users with new interactive ways and more.

This is it from Twitter's Polls. Hopefully, we would see some new productive utilities of this feature in the future. What do you guys think about this feature? Will it easily penetrate in the market? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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