Twitter Will Now Filter Abusive Tweets And Prevent Trolls From Creating More Accounts


A few months ago, Twitter was rumored to be working on a new tool for filtering abusive tweets. Today, the social media pioneer has started integrating the new tool to wipe off offensive content from the platform (or make it less visible). Twitter's new filter picks abusive content and makes it invisible to other readers. The company will be taking more steps in the future to make the platform friendlier and away from abusive tweets.

If you have been on Twitter then you must have come across many tweets that were abusive and malicious. The account holders that have a reputation for posting such content, Twitter is deleting their accounts and is also blocking them from making new accounts. These new changes are a follow-up from what Twitter's CEO Jack Dorsey promised a week ago - “a completely new approach to abuse on Twitter.”

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Twitter has not revealed the working of this new tool because it fears that online trolls would just work some way around it. We think that it is only legit if Twitter keeps the entire mission undercover as it has been heading towards dark times due to the unprecedented rise of online trolls. It means that we do not know and might never know how the new tool would stop abusive users from creating a new account.

There is a new interface for conversations that collects “Less relevant replies” and puts them under a button at the end of the tweet. It works like Facebook's "edited" button that shows the original version when clicked. Similarly, the button under the tweet will show the “Less relevant tweets and replies." As we mentioned earlier, the working of these new tools is still not clear, but it could be based on profanity, no followers, and more.

The company says that there will also be a “safe search” feature onboard, which will be as per user's requirements. The safe search will omit sexual and abusive content (present in the form tweets, images, videos) and will bring back clean results. Such tweets will be hidden from the user, but that does not mean that they are not discoverable. You can still find them if you want.

Ed Ho, the company’s vice president of engineering, said in a blog post:

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“With every change, we’ll learn, iterate, and continue to move at this speed until we’ve made a significant impact that people can feel.”

Earlier, Twitter used a different algorithm that allowed users to block certain keywords from their mentions. The new algorithm will take this approach to a pervasive level. Also, for the users who have multiple accounts for all the wrong reasons, the company is actively taking action to shut the accounts and notify the users.

To conclude, these changes were long due to debut on Twitter. In the recent years, the platform has become a focal point for trollers to gang up and bully people virtually, especially the public figures. We hope that the new tools help in making Twitter cleaner.

These changes will start showing up on Twitter in a week for both website and app.