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Twitter Edit Feature Won’t Be Happening Any Time Soon According To Twitter CEO – Are His Reasons Justified


We have all made mistakes on our post on Twitter, whether it was our statement or some grammatical error. We have all wished for the chance to edit the post but sadly we have to do it all over again. Many users over the years have requested a Twitter Edit feature, however, it seems that it won’t be happening any time soon. Jack Dorsey, the CEO, has explained why this much requested feature won’t be introduced this year, in a Q&A video.

Twitter Edit Feature - Ruins The Vibe?

According to Dorsey, initially this feature did not exist because tweets were originally sent as SMS and once you send a text message, it cannot be retrieved. The company now wishes to ‘preserve the vibe’ that Twitter has had. Does that make sense to you? Maybe yes, maybe no. Some of you are probably grimacing at this and some of your probably agree.

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According to Dorsey, the key problem is ‘retweets’. If someone retweeted and the original user changed the statement entirely, then the retweet could hold little value for the person who shared the tweet. It was suggested that editing should be allowed for the first 60 seconds or so. Dorsey agreed that this was a possible solution, however, Twitter is a site that runs on ‘immediate’ news and delaying the tweets even for a few seconds would spoil the sanctity of the site. However, Dorsey’s statements don’t suggest an absolute denial of the Twitter Edit feature. He said, ‘So, these are all considerations, but we’ll probably never do it’.

Well, since he didn’t absolutely say no; we can hope that maybe some time in the future the social media site will allow us to edit things we write even if just for a limited time. Nothing is absolute as of yet, so we can only keep requesting him to come up with a way to allow us to edit our emotionally written statements. You can watch the full interview here:

What do you think about his statements regarding the Twitter Edit feature? Do you think we will get it or we should give up hope? Are Dorsey’s statements justified as to why the feature isn’t viable? Let us know in the comments below.