Twitter Circle is a New Way of Sharing Your Tweets Only with Limited People

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Twitter is a fun place to be at and the best thing is that this service is something that can be used by almost anyone. You can go on the website and share your views with everyone who is following you. However, the other side of Twitter is the one that lets everyone see what you are talking about or sharing, and that can create some issues for a lot of people, especially when your views are not largely agreed upon by everyone you know... they are "unpopular opinions."

Twitter Circle is a Great Way of Ensuring That You Only Talk to the Ones You Want To

Sure, Twitter does let you make your profile private, but that limits a lot of options for you and the way you engage with your followers. Now, the company has decided to introduce a new way that you can use to keep yourself away from all the flak that you might run into.

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Twitter Circle is essentially Twitter's take on "Close Friends" That lets you add up to 150 people in your circle and tweet only to them. I do understand that it might sound like something that is not as intuitive, but if you are trying to limit your interaction to only those you want to engage with, this certainly is a welcomed feature.

At the time of writing, Twitter only lets you add up to 150 people in your Twitter Circle, and while that might not be enough for people with a massive follower count, it still is a good start and should allow people to have a simpler experience when it comes to engaging with their followers.

You can have a look at the screenshots below to get a better idea of how the Twitter Circle works.


Needless to say, the introduction of Twitter Circle is clearly helpful to everyone who wants to interact only with a smaller circle. You can go ahead and start using the new feature on all platforms.

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