Twitter Blue Launch is Apparently Delayed

Furqan Shahid
Twitter Blue Launch is Apparently Delayed
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The bird's been going through a lot. After Elon Musk's takeover, we have been hearing all sorts of news about the future of the bird app. The last week closed with a new update hitting the app that would make the $7.99 of Twitter Blue official. However, the actual launch has not happened so far. For those who don't know, the new subscription plan was supposed to be in effect starting today, but the latest information says otherwise.

Twitter Blue Rollout to Delay to Prevent Misinformation Spreading During the Midterm Elections

The New York Times got its hands on an internal memo and the publication has said that the decision to delay its service was taken just a day after the update to the app. The decision was made because there were some internal and external concerns pertaining to the fact that the app might be misused by people with verified blue ticks, especially during the mid-term election.

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For instance, users with a blue tick could simply go ahead and present themselves as a lawmaker, or even a politician, or a news outlet, for that matter. This would lead to the spread of misinformation, and could easily create more issues.

For those wondering why they should go for Twitter Blue, well, paying $7.99 a month will grant you some new features such as seeing lesser ads, getting the chance to post longer videos and more.

Once the new Twitter Blue service launches, however, it will not be available on all platforms or regions. The service will first make its way to iOS and will launch in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United States, and the UK. Twitter did not state anything aside from the initial regions but here's hoping that they expand the service to more regions in the coming future. Especially knowing the fact that there are a lot of Twitter verified users that reside outside the supported region and them losing the blue tick could result in a lot of people not taking them credibly.

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