Tuned — A Private Messaging App for Couples Made by Meta is Shutting Down

Tuned -- A Private Messaging App for Couples Made by Meta is Shutting Down

If you remember, around two years ago, Meta released an online private messaging app for couples called Tuned, and if you have not heard about it, then you should not be surprised, either. It was launched back in 2020, back when Meta was still Facebook, and it served as an app that was designed to help couples connect when they are apart. The app was part of Meta's Product Experimentation team, and well, it is shutting down.

Tuned Looked Like an Interesting Concept Back When Pandemic Lockdowns Were on the Rise But Seems Pointless Now

As mentioned by TechCrunch, Meta has started notifying users that Tuned is shutting down on September 19th, later this year. That is also the cutoff date for when the users can download their data. Meta has not provided the reasons as to why the app is shutting down and the storefront pages are also not giving any information.

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Judging by the reviews and ratings, Tuned seems like an app that is doing good, and according to the source, the app has been downloaded around 900,000 times on Android and iOS, which seems like a healthy number.

However, it is highly likely that the reason why Tuned is being shut down is related to the time it was released. For those who do not know, the app was released around the same time when the lockdowns started getting out of hand, and now that they have eased up, and people can actually step out and meet each other, it makes more sense to do that rather than talking in some private apps.

On the other hand, Meta's NPE group is not really famous for having the most solid track record and creating products. The company has created and shut down a lot of projects in the past, and well, Tuned happens to be just another one.

Have you been using Tuned to get in touch with your partner? Let us know how the experience has been.

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