TSMC Has Reportedly Secured A10 Orders From Apple


TSMC and Samsung might have provided Apple with its A9 chipsets, but it looks like the Taiwanese semiconductor manufacturing firm is going to have a nice pay day in the foreseeable future. This is because the Cupertino tech giant is going to announce its iPhone 7 next year and guess which company reportedly ended up getting 100 percent of all A10 chipset orders? Find out here.

TSMC Has Reportedly Secured Apple A10 Chips – 10nm FinFET Off The Table Right Now

According to a source, TSMC is going to kick off mass production of Apple's next-generation A10 chipsets from March 2016. Unfortunately, the firm has yet to announce news concerning the yields of 10nm FinFET chips so for now, A10 that is going to be present inside iPhone 7 is going to be processed under the company’s 16nm FinFET architecture. When any change in the reports come out, then we will be updating you guys accordingly.

DigiTimes has reported the following:

“TSMC will offer its in-house developed backend integrated fan-out (InFO) wafer-level packaging for the production of the A10 chips, which will be built using the foundry's 16nm FinFET process technology, said the report, which cited unspecified Apple suppliers as its source. The A10 will be featured in the iPhone 7 series slated for launch during the third and fourth quarters of 2016.”

TSMC happened to be one half of Apple’s suppliers for the company’s A9 SoC, and now the report states that the semiconductor manufacturer company has secured 100 percent of orders for the company’s A10 SoC. However, if TSMC is unable to hold its end of the bargain, then Apple will obviously have a contingency plan, which will no doubt involve Samsung to produce the remainder of the orders. At this current point, TSMC was unable to offer a comment since the company does not speculate about customers and orders.

The firm did not mention any word on its 10nm FinFET chips, which obviously means that it will take a long while before a favorable yield is completely ready to be used in mobile chipsets. Since it is too early to tell anything, we will treat this report with a grain of salt and wait for more details to come through regarding TSMC’s position as Apple chief supplier for its A10 chips.